Show Me, Tell Me Questions (Car Maintenance For Practical Driving Test)

Are You Ready For Your Car Maintenance Questions?

Car maintenance questions are part of your practical driving test. You will be asked one 'show me' question and one 'tell me' question. Getting one or both of the car maintenance questions wrong will result in one driving error on your test. Above you will find all 19 of the car maintenance questions that you will get two questions from.


Parrys Driver Training offers free copies of the practical driving test car maintenance questions to pupils so you can learn and practice at home if you have a car available to work with or not.  If you have any questions about the car maintenance questions or to book a driving lesson, please contact John Parry direct on 07706 382 638 or email:


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Driving Instructor John Parry is associated with many professional bodies such as DSA, DIA, ADI, MSA, Any Driver and ADI CPD Club.